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Upholstery Cleaning

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How We Will Get You The Best Results

First you and I will evaluate your furniture’s needs. “Every Item Must Be Treated Differently” Then we’ll decide what will be the best approach and why! Each manufacturer recommends a specialized upholstery cleaning method, and best of all, you’ll know up front what we can and can’t do! This way there’s no surprises for either one of us!

Here are some things to be concerned about Furniture fabric care.

Furniture comes in various type of fabrics, it is important that we determine what type it is, This gives us the ability to clean it properly. Even if you don’t choose us. Please be sure when you get a quote the upholstery cleaning quote, make certain that the company is taking this under consideration! Here’s a final note: *If they use the wrong cleaning agents they will ruin the fibers and possibly the entire furniture.

*The IICRC (Institute of Cleaning & Restoration Certification) Upholstery Cleaning Standards Guide declares that there are seven important principles in effectively cleaning upholstery.

1. Fabric Inspection: A simple burn test which involves taking a tiny swatch of the fabric can revealthe fiber content. The flame, smoke and odor are identifying characteristics.

2. Dye Testing: A small amount of upholstery cleaner is applied to an inconspicuous area of the fabric anda towel is pressed to the fabric. This tests the stability of the dye.

3. Dry Soil Removal: In cleaning any textile, the first step is always to remove as much dry soil as possible.This improves the following cleaning steps greatly.

4. Soil Suspension: A preconditioning agent is used on most fabrics to “suspend” the soil for more effectiveextraction.

5. Soil Removal (Extraction): A water or solvent based “rinse” is used to wisk away the suspended soils.

6. Pile Setting/Grooming: Many textiles have a “pile” that needs to be set after cleaning. A special upholsterybrush is used to groom the pile for proper drying.

7. Drying: Getting the upholstery dry as fast as possible is important. High velocity air movers are usedfor faster drying. Ceiling fans and air conditioning also help.

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